donderdag 9 februari 2017 - zondag 26 februari 2017


Apprentice-Master exhibition #5

Apprentice Master exhibition #5:

9 - 26 February 2017


Tanja Smit
Merel Cremers (Gent)
Živa Petri? (Ljubljana)
Floortje Schreuder (Enschede)
Heleen Camilleri (Hasselt)


Totem shows the human and animal body as a metaphor for ideas, memories and stories. Five artists present their works, residues of an adventurous making process of self-invented rules and rituals, and made in a variety of disciplines, from 2D through 3D to moving images. The result is uncanny, absurd, funny and the messenger of a deeper truth.


The Apprentice Master project of Kunstpodium T connects graduating talented artists from eleven European art academies to inspiring contemporary artists. They work together, exchange knowledge and experience and exhibit together in a series of exhibitions.


The ninth edition of the Apprentice Master project 2016-2017 of Kunstpodium T consists of 64 young artists from 11 European art academies, 20 experienced contemporary artists exhibit together in a series of 20 exhibitions in 7 locations.


OPENING: *Thursday 9th of February 19h00*

OPENING HOURS: Sunday 12th; 19th; 26th of February from 13:00-17:00