donderdag 23 juni 2016

Lucky Draw #3 //;Stormhoek

Parasite Lottery


Parasite Lottery is an event by Wok the Rock in collaboration with Casco in which

Das Spectrum, Platform BK and SMBA are parttaking. All participants will make

an event, so the one at DS will be happening the 23rd of June from 19:00 onwards.


Our theme for the evening is Collaboration, which we will be discussing from the

perspective of the artist-intitiative. We are organizing one of our famous Stormhoek

evenings, enabling us to dance around this theme in different rhytms and melodies.


The speakers now comfirmed are: Wok the Rock, Teun Castelein, Cecilia Rebergen and Eva Olthof, the talk will be moderated by Pim Tieland and the evening introduced by Steyn Bergs. Food by Nadine van Velhuizen and tunes by Vincent de Boer!


Hope you will join us for this energizing evening!