vrijdag 29 juli 2016 - zaterdag 30 juli 2016

Nibbling Impressions // New and Old, Lost and Found

AIR// Exhibition Paul van Katwijk and Kate Price

Please Join us at the Friday 29th of July at 19:00 for this amazingly hot summershow, late night campfire and cool drinks! (Also open on saturday the 30th between 12:00-18:00)


Artistic Statement


Within this exhibition works produced by Paul van Katwijk (NL) and Kate Price (Aus) during their two month residency at Das Spectrum will be presented. Working both collaboratively and individually during the course of the residency, their work has been informed by their joint encounters and reflections on returning to Utrecht. Having lived in Melbourne, Australia for the past few years together, it is with fresh eyes from living far away, though somewhat muffled with memories of times past, that they explored their surroundings. Be it the architecture, the people, the signage, the mannerisms or the clichés. Utilising an array of mediums and techniques these enquiries have been visually translated, incorporating with it an imprint of the dialogue and mutual exchange of practice/approach that took place through working collaboratively on this project.


Kate Price: www.kate-price.com
Paul van Katwijk: www.paulvankatwijk.com